Earn additional income with our Content Marketing Affiliate Program.

This is an opportunity for you to develop a new and recurring income for you, or your business.  Call to schedule an appointment to discuss how you can become an affiliate.

You get paid every month that your referral company uses our services. This can become a recurring income for you with the Content Marketing Affiliate Program.

As an affiliate, you will:

  • Earn additional income by offering content marketing services
  • Earn a recurring income as long as businesses use our service
  • Hand the work to our company
  • Keep your customers
  • Have professional writers building your customers content
  • Have as much content control as you wish for your customers

As an affiliate, you offer content marketing services to your customers. However, to help you be more successful, you use our company to provide content marketing. Using our company, you keep your customers. As an affiliate, your customer will always be your customer.

Services we provide:

  • Custom articles using our “Succeed with CARE” process.
    • Credibility
    • Authority
    • Reputation
    • Expertise
  • Article published in major online newspaper format (300,000 monthly readers)
  • Articles are shared on social media
  • Articles are quickly indexed by major search engines
    • Most are indexed and viewable on search engines within hours
    • Articles have longevity on search engines
    • Online reputation is increased with quality articles
  • Assignment to a specific writer
  • Include images and videos in articles
  • Archiving of articles (always searchable and indexed)

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