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Contact Us, or, call 800-691-3396, for additional information. is a grassroots source for local news and events. Our mission is to “give everyone a voice“. This includes news, events, opinions, businesses and services. Through our network of B2B Consultants and websites, is a valuable grassroots resource with millions of page views every month. Our network provides a unique opportunity for local businesses to tap into motivated buyers in their local area through our effective search engine marketing.

Most importantly, provides the opportunity for B2B Marketing Consultants to chart their own course and achieve personal goals. Using to generate customers for local businesses, the B2B Marketing Consultants is the important link that introduces buyers to sellers. In this vital role, B2B Marketing Consultants help local businesses share their voice and succeed with C.A.R.E. (Credibility, Authority, Reputation, Expertise).

We provide a consistent and recognizable format for people (citizen journalists) to read and share local news and information. Local editorial content and businesses create a local news and information site where people are searching online while local representation creates the valuable one-to-one relationship between the business owner and the consumer.

This is a unique combination which gives you a structured format and gives you the ability to be an entrepreneur while creating your own business, or adding a new revenue stream to your existing business.

We are pleased that you have taken some time to find out more about and how you can be one of our success stories.

Following you will find additional information outlining how we meet the needs of the local community. However, what you don’t see is how we support you through our back-end systems and live support.

I hope you find this information helpful and encourage you to not delay exploring the opportunity further. Read through these pages and explore the opportunity has to offer. I look forward to meeting you.


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Recurring income with

Schedule for Local RepresentativesNote on Giving Back is dedicated to serving the needs of the communities we serve through the investment of our resources, employee and representative participation. We direct our giving to nonprofit organizations that address vital community needs and issues, focusing on community development, education, arts, environment, youth, seniors and human services.

In the communities we serve, our Content Marketing Consultants discover and present local organizations which exhibit best non-profit practices, fundraising and staff and board development for consideration of our Giving Back program.

Are You the RIGHT Person? is looking for entrepreneurial professionals who are “committed, competitive and prosperous.” Who will take opportunities and turn them into a profitable business while being a leader in their community.

As a new local media company (with more than 40 years of experience behind it) and a national presence, our goal is to gather “user-contributed” local news through a network of independent entrepreneurs, citizen journalists and grassroots efforts.

Content Marketing Consultants for support the community by offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to local businesses and inviting people in the community to share local news and events. As the Content Marketing Consultant, you are linking local businesses with people in the community who are searching for services and craving more information.

By taking advantage of the new media (more people read news online, 69%, than in print, 31%,The Pew Project for Excellence), you will work hand in hand with local community leaders to effectively reach and serve the public.


Locally operated. In each area there is a B2B Marketing Consultant who provides local services and promotes the use of Our B2B Marketing Consultants are an integral part of their communities and a sales catalyst for area merchants seeking their share of the local & online market. They enjoy the freedom and flexibility of managing their own business while operating with standardized formats.

Powerful Marketing Medium. 89% of people start their search online for local products and services. People are looking for local business services. People want to buy from someone they trust, who is a great resource and close to them. We are giving local business owners a way for them to even the playing field and become an expert and a resource for their customers.

The Industry

People are increasingly looking for news online.  Some interesting facts to keep in mind:

  • Content is KING! Through a network of professional writers writing for you, is an excellent resource of valuable local information.
  • 89% of the population starts their search on the internet. These searches include: travel, homes, electronics, lumber, insurance, restaurants, bikes, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, you get the idea. People use the internet.
  • 17% increase in online news readership in 2010.
  • 5% decline in print newspaper readership during same time. (Nielsen Media Research)
  • 92% decline in classified ad revenue for print newspapers in the last 10 years. (
  • 23% increase in online ad revenue for Q1 2011. Businesses are looking for places on the internet to spend their advertising dollars.

National news is good, but it can be found in myriad places. Many small newspapers just repost national headlines. It is difficult to find the true “local news.” through our network of Content Marketing Consultants will change the way people read and share their news. is for you! is a network of independent entrepreneurs in the business of sales and marketing, gathering and coordinating editorial content with our professional writers and being actively involved in their communities; Establishing and building relationships with local business owners. Content Marketing Consultants are connected to their communities and work primarily with local businesses and retain a large portion of all local ad revenues plus create a residual revenue stream. provides the brand recognition, industry insight, sharing of best practices, back-end administrative assistance, support and programming to enable Local Representatives to focus primarily on sales and marketing efforts and promoting The most important thing we do? provides an avenue for people to share their voice and the opportunity for our Content Marketing Consultants to chart their course with a vehicle to reach their financial goals.

Through our growing network of Content Marketing Consultants, touches the lives of millions of people across the United States.


Recurring income with Area-Info.netSchedule for Local RepresentativesAs an entrepreneur, you want to earn an incredible living. Most times, this is so you can provide for your family with the necessities they need. Other times, you have reached a pinnacle and you need another challenge. Or, perhaps, you just want to add to your “bottomline.” Whatever your goal, I believe your life can be changed for the better when you become a Content Marketing Consultant for

With the products and services,

you will start with a 25% recurring commission and have the opportunity to increase your recurring earnings up to 30%!

What does this mean to you? You have a path to provide for the needs and wants of your family and reach an excellent monthly income with no caps! There is a path for Content Marketing Consultants to increase personal commission percentages and to manage larger areas.

This is a chance to add to your current business model, or to jump into the world of content marketing with proven products and services and create your own marketing group for your area.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Has a well-defined personal goal for their future
  • Wants to be their own boss and thinks like an entrepreneur
  • May have their own business and wants to add a new service
  • Enjoys their community and wants to help business owners achieve their goals
  • Has a passion to succeed
  • Knows online is the future
  • Understands the value of a residual income
  • Needs to earn $45k or more per year (no cap on income)
  • Has an optimistic outlook on life and relationships
  • Is fun to be around

Would you like a business in which you:

  • Grow your worth by building a recurring income
  • Have the flexibility to spend time with your family, hobbies, or relaxing
  • Represent a growing brand in the news and information industry
  • Operate independently, but with strong support
  • Control your own business and time schedule
  • Flexibility to work from home, or your current office
  • Develop lasting relationships throughout the community
  • Promote your area as a leading member of the online world
  • Have no inventory, no printing costs, or facilities to manage

To learn more about an opportunity with, send a short autobiography (it’s all about you!) with information about why you would be a great fit for a Content Marketing Consultant.

Contact Us, or, call 800-691-3396, and request additional information.

Schedule for Local Representatives